Analog Input

Analog Input - front (IMG_2703 V1).png

Analog Input Enclosure

  • 16 analog input channels
  • Input Options
    • Option 1: Voltage Input
      • Each channel input range can be individually set to one of: +/- 200 mV, +/-1 V, or +/- 5 V +/- 10 V 
      • 28 VDC excitation power
      • Excitation power of each channel is separately fused
      • Each channel is connected to a differential input on CompactRIO analog input module in Data Processor
    • Option 2: Current Input
      • 0-20 mA 
      • Each channel is separately fused
      • 24 VDC excitation power
      • Each channel is connected to CompactRIO current input module in Data Processor
  • Excitation power provided by linear power supply
  • Channel shield connections terminate on an internal bus that can be tied to chassis ground (default) or power supply negative
  • Includes National Instruments NI-9205 analog voltage input module (Option 1) or NI-9208 analog current input module (Option 2).  Input module will be installed in cRIO-9035 CompactRIO chassis in Data Processor enclosure and wired to Analog Input enclosure if Data Processor is purchased at the same time as this enclosure.
  • 4U height
  • Price: USD 7,950