Data Processor

Data Processor - front (IMG_2727 V1).png

Data Processor Enclosure

  • Key internal components
    - National Instruments CompactRIO cRIO-9035 controller with integrated chassis
    - Ethernet switch, with fiber optic ports
    - Power supply
  • CompactRIO I/O Module Integration (see below)
  • 6U height
  • Price: USD 11,950

CompactRIO I/O Module Integration
CompactRIO I/O modules for any enclosures ordered with the Data Processor will be installed in the cRIO-9035 controller within the Data Processor enclosure.  All necessary wiring will also be installed.  For example, if a Power Output enclosure is ordered with the Data Processor enclosure, the NI-9477 digital output module included with the Power Output enclosure will be installed in cRIO-9035 of the Data Processor.