Valve Feedback

Valve Feedback - front (IMG_2707 V1).png

Valve Feedback Enclosure

  • 16 input channels for measurement of valve limit switch settings
  • Two signals per channel - typically used to indicate valve open and closed positions
  • Provides 5 VDC excitation power to each connector
  • Excitation power of each channel is separately fused
  • Channel shields connections terminate on an internal bus that can be tied to chassis ground (default) or power supply negative
  • Includes National Instruments NI-9403 digital input/output module.  Module will be installed in cRIO-9035 CompactRIO chassis in Data Processor enclosure and wired to Valve Feedback enclosure if Data Processor is purchased at the same time as this enclosure.
  • 4U height
  • Price USD 6,950