The Modular Data Acquisition and Control System (M-DACS) is a customizable hardware and software package designed for test cell operation and industrial process monitoring and control.  By combining modular hardware design with the flexibility of the VeriStand software environment, a customized turn-key system can be delivered in as little as eight weeks.

M-DACS is a product of Huntsville Data Systems, a division of Bergmans Mechatronics LLC.

At the core of M-DACS is the Data Processor enclosure which contains a National Instruments cRIO-9035 CompactRIO controller.  This controller also hosts CompactRIO modules specific to each rack-mountable I/O enclosure in the system. 

The I/O enclosures are the interface to the instrumentation and actuators in a physical application.  These enclosures provide the excitation, signal amplification and fusing for each instrument and actuator.  Available I/O enclosures include:

Each I/O enclosure uses automation industry standard panel mount connectors.  Low-cost, IP67 compliant, field-wireable connectors are available for the instrumentation and control cables that interface to these enclosures.  Cables can also be provided with M-DACS.

A thermocouple input panel is available to enable temperature measurements.

A Power Input enclosure accepts 220 VAC and provides power to system components.  The Power Input enclosure includes a safety module that shuts off control power when a user depresses either a local or remote Emergency Stop button.

M-DACS is designed for use with National Instruments' VeriStand software development environment.  The system may also be programmed in LabVIEW or C.

The VeriStand License and Quickstart Kit provides a system configuration file, diagnostic user interfaces and a template of a real-time automatic test script.  This kit enables rapid setup and customizing of M-DACS.

Customers may acquire individual components or a completely assembled system.  For high channel count or physically distributed applications, multiple M-DACS may also be operated in parallel.

Typical M-DACS Configuration

Typical M-DACS Configuration